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Debretsion Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church of Chicago



A member of the Oriental Orthodox family of Churches, the Church of Ethiopia shares with them in essence a common faith. This faith, the churches believe, is derived from the apostolic heritage and borne witness to in the New Testament against the background of the Old Testament. It has been expounded by the fathers of the Church both in the ancient councils and in their teaching. It continues as a living reality in the church in its life of worship, preaching and discipline. In a word, then in the church of Ethiopia is a community which has inherited and which holds to the historic Christian faith as it has been handed down through the centuries. What is attempted here is, only to give a brief introduction to the faith of the Church of Ethiopia

Objective and mission

  • To establish and maintain a Church of religious worship in accordance with the teachings of Christianity as adopted by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. 
  • To conduct and maintain services of divine worship and religious observance according to the traditions and values of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
  • To provide spiritual and cultural educational programs in order to increase understanding of the history, culture, languages, and values of Ethiopia and preserve the church’s teachings.
  • To provide the services of baptism, christening, marriage and burial rites (Fit’hat) to the followers of the Orthodox Tewahedo Christianity faith.
  • To build a strong and united Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church community that promotes the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ to love one another irrespective of one’s ethnicity, tribe, race, national origin, or region. 
  • To establish strong relations with other local churches of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
  • To provide financial and material support to monasteries, parish churches and spiritual schools (Ye’Abenit Temihirt betoch) in Ethiopia and other parts of the world.
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